Why Invest In Property
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Why invest in property ?
"90% of all millionaires become so by owning property"


It is no shock that over half of the people on 'The Times Rich list' have made their money via property. A house acquired for approximately £5000 in the 1970's would be worth approximately £250,000 today, an increase of almost 5000%. In certain locations, in India apartments and commercial properties have doubled in value over the last 1 year alone. On average a property doubles in value every 4 - 7 years.
All the above are just a few examples of why property has been the most consistent investment over the last 20 - 30 years.

Supply & Demand

The main reason for the constant increase in property values can be explained by using basic economics. If the demand for a commodity exceeds the supply, the price will always rise. Population growth compared to the lack of new houses available continues to generate price increases. 

Leverage and the use of OPM (Other People's Money)
One of the reasons why more people are now investing in property than ever before is the increased availability of finance (mortgages).
If you were to acquire £100,000 worth of shares, it would cost you personally £100,000 . If you wanted to acquire a £100,000 investment property, you could generally borrow at least 80% (£80,000) and therefore only need to fund 20% of the acquisition personally (£20,000) .
A Quick comparison


£100,000 Property

£100,000 of Shares

Amount required to purchase the asset



If the asset grew in value by 20%, the gain would be



Return on Investment






Therefore, your investment has risen by 5 times more by investing in property than in shares, by using leverage & OPM (other people's money).

Also, £100,000 invested in shares could obviously rise in value. The decline of the dot-com industry recently illustrated how quickly a £100,000 investment can be reduced to nearly zero. The probability of a £100,000 property becoming worthless is virtually zero. There are of course peaks & troughs in the property markets but historically, property always rises in value over the medium-long term.

The other major advantage of Property is the options you have as an investor. If you want to make a 'quick profit' you can Buy to Sell (also known as buy to turn, or Flipping), whereby you merely sell the property on as quickly as possible. Alternatively you can Buy to let, whereby you keep the property and it generates a regular income for you. See other sections of this website for further details on Flipping. Why invest in INDIA ? The circumstances of the Indian economy are different. India at present is a poor nation, and there is a huge room for growth and appreciation of property prices. India property prices are on fire. Property is appreciating by 30 - 50% every year. There have been instances of 100% appreciation per year. We believe the factors behind this growth is the huge Indian population.      Population is the main driver of property prices. And India has population. Delhi's population is increasing by 1 million  every year. Because the industry and jobs are there. And as the needs, desires, requirements and earning capacity of the masses increases so does the property prices. This will continue probably for the next 50 years until the Indian earning capacity and economy comes to par with the rest of the world.   On top of all this, the Delhi condo hotel prices are going up by $3,500 per month. All this is good news to the buyer.  

The Attraction
* Property prices 50% less than than USA or Europe.
* Low cost of living
* Developing Nation
* High Growth.
* Huge Population
* 10 year build guarantee (similar to NHBC)
* English widely spoken
* Big Commercial Cities
* Excellent Invest Returns
* Enjoy a luxury lifestyle for very little

It's Financial Benefits
India offers additional benefits from a financial standpoint which makes it a highly attractive prospect for purchasers:
* Low property taxes
* Safe investment - Notary supervised property registration similar to France & Spain
* Easy repatriation of investment should you re-sell in the future
* Only 20% tax on any capital gains
* Property market booming - average rises of 30 - 50% per year achievable
* Rental occupancy reaching 85 - 95% most years
* 70 - 80% mortgages available

East West Developments
are sending shockwaves through the international property market – introducing the sort of properties that are rarely seen with other overseas property organizations – and in areas where prices are set to explode.

Our members see increases up to 200% on their investment before completion.

If you want to have the chance to be one of those investors seeing massive capital growth, then watch out for all the new hot property alerts.

Please review the information about these exciting pre-construction opportunities. There is going to be Billions spent on these developments and you are getting a chance to get in early on one of these premier developments.

Thank you for your interest. I hope we will be able to help you in your quest to find the investment that makes money.

We do not operate a sales driven company but a customer driven company, you get no phone calls, no pressure selling just straight information on this site. We are not here to sell you anything, you are here to buy into the real investments. Remember if you don’t buy you can’t make money.

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