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Resale Department 
We offer every client who purchases a property through East West Developments an after sales service which will make the process of buying a property abroad easy and stress free. We will offer you support in all areas from furnishing the property to renting the property out, and to resell it.

Buying a property can be a very stressful experience especially if you are working full time. For this reason we aim to make this process as easy as possible by providing the following services:  
  1. Updates on progress of project 
2. Furnishing of property 
3. Insurance (building, fire, & theft)
4. Legal & conveyance 
5. Mortgage & re-mortgage 
6. Finance & loans 
7. Rentals & management 
8. First look at new releases  
Resale Pool
Resale Pool is open  to all condo buyers.  It is not open to Partnership buyers.
  • All investors/buyers who have made reservations /purchases on the units can join the developers resale Pool.   The resales pool  may be closed once all the units have been reserved /sold. 
  • This election may be made any time after 9 months following the Purchase date.
  • To join the resale pool the investor has to put a $1000 deposit with the developer.  This amount may be paid on a credit card. This is a good faith deposit and this amount is adjusted in the commissions paid on the resale.
  • If the investor moves out of the pool this amount of $1000  is non refundable. However if the investor again joins the pool, then the investor need not pay the deposit again, but he has to pay a fee of $5 as administration fees for rejoining the resale pool.
  • In the Resale pool, On sale, the investor pays to the developer 1% commission on the sale price.
  • The new buyer pays 3% assignment fees to get the resold reservation registered under the new buyer’s name.
  • On resale of the unit, the developer will take the commissions on receipt of the funds, and the balance is paid to the investor/seller less our commission.
  • If paying in Installments, then the investor will remain current on his installment payments. If payments are late or in default, the investor will be moved out of the resale pool. However on making his payments current, the investor can again join the resale pool. on paying the $5 rejoining fees.
  • The Developer will first sell the units in his release inventory, and then sell the Investor units in the resale pool.
  • All efforts will be made, but the developer cannot guarantee any resale results.
  • It is a rare exit strategy for the Investor that avoids the need to close on the sale and reduces risk, while still providing the Investor with excellent cash on cash return.
  • Applicants desiring joining the Resale Pool must submit the  Resale Pool form.  http://eastwestdevelopments.com/resalepoolform.aspx
Projected Greater than 222% Cash on Cash Return with No Appreciation Necessary: The beauty of the Preferential Investor opportunity is that it gives the Investor the clear prospect of better than a 222% return on his/her cash investment without any need for the units to appreciate in value. Suppose the investor wants to resell his position on completion. Here’s an example of a Studio  room in the Zanzibar Condo hotel: 
CAUTION: Although this is clearly a preferential buying opportunity, the Buyer should be aware that no investment or return on investment is ever guaranteed. Please read Disclaimer. Link:www.eastwestdevelopments.com/termscondition.aspx
Projected Greater than 222% Cash on Cash Return: 
(No Appreciation Necessary)

Completion Price of Unit in 2021:
Investor Purchase Pricing 

Built-In Investor Profit: 


$ 100,100 

Profit of $100,100 on investment of $ 45.000 = 222 Plus % Gross return by completion date. 
Returns are gross, not factoring in your commissions, fees and expenses.. 
Commissions on resale paid to developer is 1% of the $145,100 sale price  = $ 1,451.  
It is an illustrative example only and should not be construed as representing any actual result or presumed actual result.
If the unit has appreciated by a mere 10% in price and sold for $159,610, The average appreciation has been over 20% per year in this area during the last 4 years. The Investor profit now comes to $114,610.
This is a WIN WIN situation both for the Investor and developer.   WARNING: We do not Purport this as a "QUICK GET RICH SCHEME." It is an illustrative example only and should not be construed as representing any actual result or presumed actual result. (Please read the Disclaimer and the Resale Pool Guidelines  below).


What works best in the Resale Pool.

The real profits, growth and appreciation will come when the units start delivering the huge rental returns. Instead of holding for life-long rental profits, if reselling is the buyers goal, then on completion, or near completion, would be the ideal time to resell to book the maximum profits. It is recommended that the ibuyer sleeps on it till the completion date and let his profits grow. it is needless to say the longer the buyer holds the greater are his profits.

However Buyers who wish to resell their investments, and desire to join the RESALE POOL. The below tips should prove helpful to get quicker results.

1.    Buy Studios or larger units, instead of 20% ownership or Parking Slots. Full Condos are much better sellers and are more cost effective and with higher profits. 20% ownership or Parking Slots are slower to resell in the Resale Pool.

2.    Do not buy in Installments, under the Financing Option. RESALE while the Installments are pending is extremely difficult: Finding a new buyer to pick up the investors installment is a remote chance. Only on completion of the installments can the investor hope to find a buyer.

3.  The best option for Resale is full payment.  The new investors get a  built in equity to start with, which keeps increasing with time. This is the best option for resale.

4.  Be Patient. The Developer will sell his units first. Then only the Resales can happen. It is projected that the maximum Resales will only take place on completion or near completion of the development. The Seller may have to wait till then.  All efforts will be made, but the developer cannot guarantee any resale results. 

The Process: The actual reservation /sale of units will be on a first come-first serve basis. In other words, an effort will be made to accommodate first those who commit first.  
ASSIGNMENTS: Buyer can sell in the open market.
Reservations / purchases are FULLY ASSIGNABLE. You can sell them before you close. This will give the buyers a major advantage. 
 Reservations can be assigned /transferred without seeking permission from the developer and are free of any costs to the reservation holder.  The new buyer pays 3% assignment fees to get the resold reservation registered under the new buyer’s name. This election may be made any time after 9 months following the Purchase date. Developers around the world now rarely ever grant this right to a buyer. It is certainly a big benefit to the buyers now turned sellers. 
Buyers now turned sellers have 2 options on selling. 
  1. All buyers who have made reservations on the condo units can join the developer's resale pool, and sell their unit at the then current price. In the resale pool the sellers pay a subsidized 1% commission on the sale price to the developer.  The new buyer pays 3% assignment fees to get the resold reservation registered under the new buyer’s name.
  2. The other option the investor gets a buyer from the market himself or thru another broker. The new buyer pays your invested sums plus a premium to you as your profit and you assign your reservation in the buyer’s new name. The seller pays no selling commissions to us, but the new buyer pays 3% assignment fees to get the reservation registered under the buyer’s new name.
The seller can select whichever options suits him/her the best. Whichever option will make him/her the most profit. 
For the transaction to go smoothly the developer can provide his intermediary services free of any cost. They can act as collecting agency for the funds received from the new buyer, and send funds to the seller. All Bank charges or transaction charges will be borne by the seller. 
Disclaimer: Although this is clearly a preferential buying opportunity, the Buyer should be aware that no investment or return on investment is ever guaranteed. No representation is being made that your investment or return on investment will be the same as or resemble the examples shown above. In fact, no representation is made that there will necessarily be any return on your investment. The examples are just one of many possible investment outcomes and are for purposes of illustration only. The Buyer investment, in this case, is in a project to be constructed.  Although the expectation is that this project will be built as planned, we make no representations or promises that the project will proceed as planned. Delays could happen. Investor funds will be held in secure escrow/trust accounts and all funds will be returned in the event any project is dropped or discontinued.
The information herein is merely illustrative and promotional in nature, and does not represent a contract, guarantee or specific representation regarding any particular contract. No representation is made as to the success of any project, the ability of a purchaser to find a buyer to take assignment of a purchase contract of a unit, or that the prices within a particular project will rise. Real estate buyers should understand that if held for investment purposes, there is a risk that returns from other investment vehicles — such as a stock, bonds or other property — could be higher. Accordingly, there is no guarantee that a pre-construction purchase contract represents the best possible investment relative to other possible uses of a buyer's money. Buyers should do their own due diligence and consult their own investment and tax advisors about the suitability of a pre-construction purchase contract for their particular needs and situations. The purchase of a pre-construction contract is a purchase of a particular real estate unit. Accordingly, it is not intended to constitute a security.
The information provided here are calculations only. The rates, revenues and returns are expected estimates only based upon the analysis of market conditions and hotel & hospital management activity in the Location areas. 
East West Developments makes no recommendations whatsoever with regard to the decision of any prospective buyer to purchase a unit by the developer, other than to recommend to any prospective buyer that he/she should consult with his/her independent investment advisor, tax consultant and legal counsel. 
East West Developments is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or licensed by the National Association of Securities Dealers. East West Developments disclaim any responsibility for the project or portfolio performance and makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the percentage of return of investment to any purchase at the Condo. 
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