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On Condohotels 
A Preferential Buyer Opportunity: This Buyer opportunity represents the first sales of any kind of any units in the projects. It is a "wholesale" buying opportunity at a substantial discount from the very first published prices. The number of units sold to Preferential Buyers is very limited.
How It Will Work: Our group of Preferential Buyers will be required to make a fully refundable reservation deposit of $10 per unit to be held in an escrow account. You still have 1 year rescission period to change your mind for a full refund. or within 30 days of reservation an initial payment of the unit's pre launch price will be required less the $10 reservation deposit already held in escrow.
The public launch. Prices for these units will be significantly higher at its launch to the public. 

The Developers have a limited number of units allocated to us at the pre-public launch prices, please contact us immediately if you are interested in taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. 

Early Reservation Availability Date: Now 
Project Status: The Developer is "now" accepting fully refundable reservations fees and registering potential buyers. 
A Preferential Buyer Opportunity: For the Privileged Few. The "Pre-Launch Club" will provide the first buyers with special privileges and incentives that will never again be made available.
Pre-Launch Club Benefits Include:
  • 50% discount at all the hotel facilities
  • viewing trip Rebates for buyers
  • Special consideration for membership to the Gold Card Owners Club
  • Pre-Public released pricing discounts and much, much more.
  • Reservation are saleable and assignable
  • Priority selection and subsidized commissions for the resale pool program
  • Pre-Launch benefits may be available to initial launch participants only 
The Pre-Launch opportunity represents the first sales of any kind of any units in the project. It is made prior to the public release of any units. It is a "wholesale" buying opportunity.
Special Feature - Contract Assignability: The Developer has agreed to allow these select units to have full assignability rights. As an investor this coveted feature allows one to exit the investment without having to close. Again this option may be available only to these limited Pre-Launch buyers.
Projected Greater than 300% Cash on Cash Return with No Appreciation Necessary: The beauty of this opportunity is that it gives the Buyer the clear prospect of better than a 1000% return on his/her cash investment without any need for the units to appreciate in value.  Here's an example:

All calculations and prices are approximate. It is an illustrative example only and should not be construed as representing any actual result or presumed actual result. (Please read the Disclaimer below, and the Resale Pool Guidelines).

The Process: Your place in line, will be on a first come-first serve basis based on the timing of your deposit. In other words, an effort will be made to accommodate first those who commit first.  
Although this is clearly a preferential buying opportunity, the Buyer should be aware that no investment or return on investment is ever guaranteed. No representation is being made that your investment or return on investment will be the same as or resemble the examples shown above. In fact, no representation is made that there will necessarily be any return on your investment. The examples are just one of many possible investment outcomes and are for purposes of illustration only. The Buyer investment, in this case, is in a project to be constructed. Although the expectation is that this project will be built as planned, we make no representations or promises that the project will proceed as planned. Investor funds will be held in secure escrow/trust accounts and all funds will be returned in full, without interest in the event that the project does not proceed.

The information herein is merely illustrative and promotional in nature, and does not represent a  guarantee or specific warranty regarding any particular Property info. No representation is made as to the success of any project, the ability of a purchaser to find a buyer, or that the prices within a particular project will rise. Real estate buyers should understand that if held for investment purposes, there is a risk that returns from other investment vehicles — such as a stock, bonds or other property — could be higher. Accordingly, there is no guarantee that a pre-construction purchase reservation represents the best possible investment relative to other possible uses of a buyer's money. Buyers should do their own due diligence and consult their own investment and tax advisors about the suitability of a pre-construction purchase reservation for their particular needs and situations. The purchase of a pre-construction is a purchase of a particular personal use real estate unit. Accordingly, it is not intended to constitute a security.

The information provided here are calculations only. The rates, revenues and returns are expected estimates only based upon the analysis of market conditions and hotel & hospital management activity in the Local areas.

East West Developments makes no recommendations whatsoever with regard to the decision of any prospective buyer to purchase a unit by the developer, other than to recommend to any prospective buyer that he/she should consult with his/her independent investment advisor, tax consultant and legal counsel.

East West Developments disclaim any responsibility for the project or performance and makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the percentage of return of investment to any purchase of property.

East West Developments is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or licensed by the National Association of Securities Dealers of USA.  East West Development is an International Partner organization in locations not in USA, and their International Developments are not in USA. East West Development properties are not offered, advertised or available in USA. Properties are for personal use of the Buyers and are not Securities.

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