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We are having a special promotion. Book on 30 Nov 2021 or 01 Dec 2021 any property for $200 and also get 50% Promotional discount on the property price. Only 50 units are available at this 50% discount. Buyer can also pay via Bitcoins. Buyer on making the payment will receive confirmation with details on their purchased property. 99% Buyers get very happy. If you are not happy.The $200 Deposit  is fully refundable, within 15 days if you decide not to go ahead with the purchase.


General Payment Instructions.

For small payments of less than US$1000. The easy way to send is via debit or credit card. Go to:   And send the payment to our paypal id

When you select “Pay with Paypal”. You *do not* need a Paypal account.  To pay with Paypal. You can directly click Pay with Debit or Credit Card on the secure Paypal payment page.

Click the Paypal Buy Now Button below. Fill in the payment amount. And Pay with Debit or Credit Card on the Paypal secure page.


Wait 30 seconds for the paypal site to load. Then fill the payment amount before paying. Try the second if the first button is not working.

Buyer with the reservation form, please send $200 by credit card. Buyer on making the payment will receive confirmation on their purchased property along with wiring instructions to send the balance amount thru their bank.

For Full lump-sum payments, or payments over US$1000. The better way to pay is via Bank transfers or Wiring of Funds. DETAILS: The buyer may send the payment by Bankers check, (overseas checks are not accepted). By online Bill pay, Zelle, Bank transfers, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Wiring funds etc.  The buyers can decide as to which payment option suits him/her the best.  The Developer can recommend the most reliable and economical way of sending the payments, and when you follow the Developer's instructions, then the Developer will bear the Bank transaction charges upto $25 towards sending the funds. The buyer can send the payment in any currency, and has to bear all currency exchange rate differences as applicable.  All payments must be in the name of the developer,  East West Developments. And when received by the developer are converted into US $.

Another secure way to send money internationally.
The Buyer can register with a  foreign exchange dealer to get better exchange rates and to securely send money internationally.
Some respected foreign dealers are:

Buyer on making the payment will receive confirmation on their purchased property. If paying in installments, Account statements are emailed to owners at regular intervals.

You can change your mind and cancel your purchase or partnership within 15 days of your purchase and get a Full refund of the payment sent.

Your purchase is not effective until your payment is received.  For problems in making the reservation or sending the payment, or for additional questions please contact  . 

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