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                                                                           Low Price Guarantee on 5 STAR CONDO HOTELS.

 Private ownership in Condos and Parking Slots in a 5 Star Hotel is an outstanding investment opportunity to the Investor, giving 18% 36% guaranteed  returns.  These Hotel Condos are a very good safe buy.  The listed  prices on the property pages are 30% - 70% lower than comparable current local prices. Plus the developer  increases the prices regularly as his inventory gets sold.  
Check the hot discounted properties: http://www.eastwestdevelopments.com/hotpropertyalerts.aspx 

Low Price Guarantee:

Buyers get the lowest price as of today. Buy without worry of prices dropping.  Please note: Price increases regularly.  If the developer ever lists a lower price than your buying price, then the buyer automatically qualifies for the new lower price, and at the developers discretions you will get a price reduction adjustment or refund of the difference. This is the developer's low price guarantee to you. Go ahead and make a reservation without worry.

The best time to make money in pre-construction is as early as possible. Those who are the first to know of a potential project will be the first to gain and will usually be those who gain the most.   The best part is you can Purchase in installments, in a market which has the potential to appreciate 30 - 40 percent every year for the next 5 years.   Make your reservation. Don't delay. Link: http://www.eastwestdevelopments.com/reserve.aspx

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Why the price is so much cheaper via the internet.  How is it possible?

  •    With the progress of new technologies, new innovations and ecommerce, many industries and big companies by adopting online payments are abolishing  the middleman, agents and overheads, and passing the savings of 50% or more to the Buyers. see sample list below 
  • The No-Pressure Internet  offer. You will get no high-pressure sales or reminders from us. We have no agents for doing this. 
  •   » Review all material at your own pace  »  Fully understand the investment    » Speak to us only when you're ready.  

        These listers are changing the World.  see sample  list below:  
     amazon, ebay, alibaba etc  -   50% or more discounts on retail store products.
     uber     -   50% or more discounts compared to taxi fares.
     airBnb.   -   50% or more discounts compared to hotel accommodations.
     priceline, cheapOair, expedia, orbitz etc    -   50% or more discounts compared to published air fare.
    cheapcruises, travelocity, vacations togo etc    -   50% or more discounts compared to published cruises.
     www.eastwestdevelopments.com   -   50%  discounts compared to on location realestate prices.
     allybank, syncronybank, etc     -   50% or more interest on Savings accounts compared to local Banks.
     gmailyahoo, hotmail etc  -  free mail correspondence compared to post office, postage stamps.
     whatsapp, skype etc   -  free phone talks compared to telephone companies.
     bitcoin, cryptocurrency etc   -   free international money transfers.
       Many more coming soon.
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