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If the Buyer wishes to avail financial aid from a bank / financial institutions, the Seller will where possible, provide the appropriate information for approval from the financial institutions to assist with obtaining the relevant loans. The Buyer must meet the requirements of the financial institution for the loan.

East West Developments has professional relationships with major banks and financial advisors around the world.
Most products are based on a Capital and Interest repayment basis and are available subject to status and proof of income.

There are a wide variety of financial products available on the market today. Many banks are now offering mortgages for overseas properties. Shopping around for the best product is always recommended as competition amongst banks is very high and some banks are offering very attractive deals. We work with a number of independent financial advisors who can advise you on the many products around. The companies we work with come highly recommended by our clients and have sourced some of the most competitive rates on mortgages around.
Most investors will fund part of their purchase with a cash deposit and the rest with a mortgage. When choosing a mortgage, there are two options available when buying. The first and most common are status mortgages from the banks which will take into consideration any properties you already own and your income. The second option is a non status mortgage which is usually offered by the developer and is guaranteed providing you can pay the monthly minimum payments. 

Can you arrange finance for me? 

We can also give finance and do mortgages for you. We also introduce you to Banks and companies that can assist you in arranging finance. Most of the bank's offer 60% - 80% 'loan to original developer sale price. Loans are normally given on completion of the building, or very close to completion. Mortgages and the rates tend to range from 8 - 14%. The approval of the loan may be dependant on the borrowers earnings also. Normally banks will lend against real estate. The Buyers can also avail of the 100% guaranteed financing on condohotel properties from the developer. click here.  

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