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Career Opportunities

Consider joining our growing family at East West Developments. If you are a self-starter with a passion for excellence and a drive to succeed along with a keen entrepreneurial spirit, become part of a dynamic and talented group of people that make up our company.  

Overview of the HR Plan

Vision: - To thrive in East West Developments,  where every Human Resource professional functions as an internal consultant and imparts expertise through robust HR systems, leading up to a Human Capital wealthy organization, where people can learn, work and grow in a truly professional spirit. Our team is committed to achieve these objectives through challenging, interesting and productive assignments, aligned to our Business Plans.
Vacancies are posted on this page from time to time. You may apply by emailing us your resume.
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Real estate is a trillion $$$ market. Millions are made in Real estate.
Best Job deal. Become our Agent: Over $ 1 million or more per year possible.
Could work from your home through a computer.
We  can teach you to easily list our properties. Just by copy and paste from your home. It is an easy job. That is if you are internet savy. And can put in 4 -6 hours on the computer every day. With our help, you could easily get 1-2 deals done per month.  We are marketing properties all over the World.
An average property sale is about $100,000. So that could mean good commissions for you. Over $ 1 million per year.  Agents are very important to us. And we need good new agents.
Let us know if you are interested.  And we can start teaching you.
To become an Agent. click:
 OUTSOURCING JOBS: Could work from your home through a computer, if you have high speed internet, and can put 4-8 hours of daily work on a computer.
Email Correspondence supervisor. Must be fluent in English with knowledge of attending to enquiries by email. Responsibilities are to Check all the incoming emails from the website. All emails have to be replied within 24 hours. Must be confident of working independently. Could work from home through computer.
Web Master with expert knowledge of Development tools. The job is to check the company websites at regular intervals. See that all the links are working properly and maintain, build, improve, modify and update the company web sites. Could work from home through computer.
Email Marketing Director with experience in a similar job profile. Build, procure, establish and maintain email lists of prospective clients, sales agents and customers. Promotional emails and newsletters need to be sent to the prospective lists at regular intervals. Would be required to develop new customer base as well as attend to the requirements of existing customers. Could work from home through computer.
Postings on Internet: Promotional In-charge:  Must be fluent in English. The job is to search the internet looking for property websites.  And to list and post the company properties on these websites.  Periodically to check the postings, and keep them current and updated. Could work from home through computer.
Account In-charge. Job responsibilities are general accounting work, and to track the incoming funds and deposits. Post them under various sub-headings. Issue monthly statements of accounts to the customers via email. Keep track of Agent's commissions. Issue and post refund checks and commission checks to the property agents. Could work from home through computer.

 VACANCIES - At World wide Locations.

12 Sales Representatives.  Need one Sales Representatives each in the following cities. USA East coast, Canada, UK preferably London, Eastern Europe or Russia, Africa, Middle East preferably Dubai, China preferably Peking or Shanghai, Far East preferably in Hong Kong or Singapore, Australia, South America. Other locations can be considered. Must be a real estate agent or professional connected with real estate with experience in property sales. Must have computer with printer, internet , phone, fax, desk space and address to conduct the sales business professionally. Opportunity to make very good income.  For active agents first year income of six figures in US$ is very achievable.
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