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 The Art of Flipping Properties 

Internationally, real estate, like any other commodity, is bought and sold every day of the week. In fact, many people become real estate agents because they know a small piece of a large pie means big bucks. Real estate agents help facilitate a sale by finding a willing buyer for a willing seller, earning a commission of approximately three to six percent of the sales price for making the deal happen.

Many savvy people know it is relatively simple to get a real estate license, and it is a lucrative field for many of these people. However, as you may expect, there is strong competition among brokers, agents and real estate firms and the ones that are successful work long, hard hours. In fact, most agents are on call weekends and nights, with their cell phones glued to their ears. Furthermore, real estate agents are required to take continuing education classes and follow strict guidelines set forth by bureaucratic agencies. So, what is the point? There are better ways for an "entrepreneur" to make a living!  
 Meet the "Flipper"  
Investors that "flip" homes, condominiums or other types of real estate accomplish the same basic endeavor that real estate agents accomplish. Specifically, the "flipper" investor buys real estate with the intention of immediate resale for profit, in some cases for a huge profit. As a "flipper," he or she buys properties at substantially less than the going or "retail" value. The "flipper" acts as both principal and middleman, buying at one price and then reselling at a higher price.

If a deal is marginal and there isn't much profit to be made and he adds no value to the property, the "flipper's" profit is commensurate to that of a real estate agent. However, unlike an agent, the flipper may only have a few hours of his time tied up in the deal. Furthermore, the "flipper's" upside profit potential is much higher than an agent's commission, since an occasional bargain purchase can bring a tremendous return.

The flipper does not need a license to practice, nor is he or she under the supervision of a government agency. The "flipper" benefits from low overhead, flexible work hours and does not have to drive a Mercedes to be taken seriously although chances are that he can afford a Rolls Royce.  

 Three Different Types of “Flippers”

There are three different types of "flipper" investors, usually based upon experience:  
The Scout
The Dealer
The Retailer  
 Meet the "Scout"  
The "Scout" is an information gatherer. He or she is the "bird dog" who finds potential deals and sells the information to other investors. Many people get started as a "Scout" for other investors because it does not take any cash or prior knowledge to look for distressed properties. The "Scout" finds a property for sale, gathers the necessary information, and then provides this information to investors for a fee. The fee will vary depending on the price of the property and the profit potential. The "Scout" can expect to make usually between five hundred to one thousand dollars each time he or she provides information that leads to a purchase by another investor.  

 Meet the “Dealer”

The "Dealer," like the "Scout," locates deals for other investors. He or she locates a pre-construction opportunity, a new development or a bargain property and signs a purchase contract with the owner. He or she then has the option of closing on the property and selling it outright, or just selling the contract to another investor. He or she is providing more than just information; he or she is controlling the property with a binding purchase contract. The "Dealer" often puts up earnest money to secure the deal, so he or she assumes more risk than the "Scout" does. Since the "Dealer" controls the property with a purchase contract, he or she has greater profit potential than the "Scout" does.  
Dealers can flip as many deals as they can find. On a full-time basis, a Dealer can make well over fifteen thousand dollars a month without ever fixing a property or dealing with a tenant. On a part-time basis, a dealer could easily make an extra three thousand dollars a month flipping a property or two. The dealer's lifestyle is that of a true "entrepreneur." He can work as much or as little as he or she likes, with no boss, no employees and the freedom to do as he pleases!  

 Meet the “Retailer”

The "Retailer" usually buys properties from a "Dealer" or with the assistance of a real estate agent or "Scout." The "Retailer's" goal is to fix up the property so he or she can sell it for full retail price to an owner-occupant. Compared to other "flippers," the "Retailer" puts up the most money, has the most risk and stands to make the largest profit on each deal. However, it may take the "Retailer" months to realize this profit, unlike the "Scout" or "Dealer" who makes the money in a matter or days or weeks.  

 Putting the concept to work for you

India, Dubai and even parts of USA like Florida is experiencing a colossal boom cycle. Industry experts are literally marveled at the growth and increased property values, especially in the condominium markets. What does this mean to you? Well, let's just say opportunity is knocking! Hear that? It's knocking loudly. Investors are turning huge profits from hard earned dollars brought in from foreign nationals, second home buyers as well as new home buyers, but the key to maximizing your potential becomes knowing the market and its players, as well as "getting in" early enough.  

Here is where we come in

We have done it all before. Not only have members of our team developed several construction projects and won honorary awards, we have studied the International hot real estate market in depth and know who the key players are, where the new developments are being built and above all, how to get you in early enough so you can benefit from this colossal boom cycle too. Get it? All the leg work has been done for you already! All you have to do is contact us, and we will guide you through the process. Whether you are looking to sell or buy a new home or condohotel, you have come to the right place. Send us an email, and one of our top producers will contact you as soon as possible. But remember, you have to act quickly. Time is money, and the longer you wait the more difficult it will be for you to find that great deal you are looking for.  
We are top producers in the International real estate market and can help you sell or buy in booming areas. Send us an email, and we will share our free market analysis with you,. The service you'll receive will turn you into a customer and friend for life.  

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