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How do I select a unit? 
Before your closing date you will be given an opportunity to select a unit.
How does the reservation process go?
On receiving the reservation the developer will allocate a unit to the buyers according to their reservation date. The buyers will be issued confirmed reservations and locked in at the low purchase prices as of on the reservation date. On receipt of the payment, immediately a LETTER OF ALLOTMENT will be issued to the buyer. 
 Selecting your unit:    2-3 months prior to completion of the building the buyers if they have not sold off their units at a profit by then, according to their reservation date will be given an opportunity to inspect and select their units.  On completion date the buyer can select to take the Buy-back or continue as owner. As owner the buyer gets rental income monthly.
I reserved the unit in my personal name and I want to change it into a joint name. Can I do that?
2-3 months prior to completion of the building the buyers will be given an opportunity to select their units and also decide the legal name for registration on their unit. (some buyers may like a change from their original reservation name). At this time you may change your name from a single name to a joint name or any other legal name or entity.
How do I use my Condo for FREE?  
The owners have 2 options.The purchaser can use his purchase and stay in the hotel for Free and when not using it is rented and making money for him. This is how the free stay works. Or the owner can remove the unit from the rental pool and stay free in the unit.  However in this case, the owner will have to pay the HOA monthly fees for each month in advance. The owner can select whichever option suits him/her the best.

Personal Occupied units: The owner may decide not to take part in the rental management program. This option the owner can take. Basically this leaves the unit occupied by the owner. The owner can let it to friends or other guests, Long term yearly rentals are OK. However he is barred from letting it out on commercial short term daily or weekly basis and competing with the hotel itself. If the owner elects this option, the owner has to pay home owners association fees of $25 per month. The owners may still take advantage of the cleaning services as a regular hotel suite and other hotel services for a service fee of $30 per month. For Parking units,  owners association fees is $5 per month and cleaning and upkeep fees are $ 5 per month.This ensures the upkeep of your apartment to the same standards as that of the regular hotel suites. Regardless of which program is chosen, owners will have the opportunity to change their plan every 2 months.

Would the developer keep me informed on the progress?
As the project takes shape the developer will post photos and 3D views of the building from all directions and of the exterior, interior and the units itself and post the same on the site. Many will see the building personally taking advantage of the FREE viewing trip. Details on the progress will be posted on the web site at regular intervals. Buyers paying in installments will get Statement of his accounts and financial details  emailed to him at regular intervals.
 How do I convert meters to square feet and  currency conersion rates  to the U.S. dollar?  
By best approximation, to get sq. meters, divide sq. ft by 10.75, or multiply sq. meters by 10.75 to get sq. ft. The currency conversion rate  is a fluctuating rate. To get the current rate go to:  http://www.xe.com/en/currencyconverter/
Are there builder's warranties on new build, if so how long? 

10 Years

What is the construction of the buildings 

Concrete Steel and glass.

What is the normal time frame from reservation to completion of the property 

Expected Completion dates are from 2018 onwards.

What is the rate to which property is currently growing Overseas ?

20 -30% per year.

Will the client be able to resell the property through you in the future? 
Yes under our Buy-back program or the resales program. Also they can sell via private agents. The cost of sales through a local agent is about 3% - 6%.  
Can I come and visit the property before I buy? 
Of course the buyer is welcome to come out and view the property before purchase. Just remember that developments tend to sell out couple of months before the start of construction, so it may be that the buyer can only see the area where it is going to be rather than the building itself. For Buyers who reserve today, the developer is offering  rebate for free trip. 
What is the rental yield I can expect? 
Currently in India, Nigeria, Slovakia, Turkey, Mozambique, South Africa and Zanzibar there is a healthy rental market. It is worth bearing in mind that currently there is a shortage of property to either rent or to buy to live in and many developments will not be available to live in until the end of 2023. The current building program is only expected to meet current demand. International growth will keep demand high for many years to come. The developer is giving a 18 - 30% guaranteed Return on the initial invested amount of the buyer or high 100% of revenues, whichever is greater.
Can you arrange finance for me? 
We can introduce you to Banks and Financial Institutions that can assist you in arranging finance. Most of the bank's offer 70% - 80% 'loan to original developer sale price. Loans are normally given on completion of the building, or very close to completion. Mortgages and the rates tend to range from 8 - 14%. The approval of the loan may be dependant on the borrowers earnings also. Normally banks will lend against real estate. The Buyers can also avail of the  guaranteed financing from the developer by selecting the installment plan.
How good is the developer, and has he made any sales? 
This developer is very investor friendly, and has a very good deal  for the investors, as compared to other deals worldwide. The developer sales are going extremely nice, and well ahead of the target. The developer sales get snapped up very fast.
I need more specifications and construction details? 
Please note this is an off plan pre-construction offering. That is why the price is so low. Eventually, in 1 or 2 years time, the developer will post much more details and confidential property info on the site. You may purchase the property at that time, but please keep in mind, that the property purchase price may be more than double at that time.
 We listen to the investors goals and help them experience the magic of great returns
What guarantees do I have that the developer would not go under or this project would not go under? 
East West Developments is a good builder with a good back ground. On the Home Page are various projects this developer is associated with, and is not likely to go under.  The developer has invested heavily in various projects all over the World, and is not running away anywhere.  The marketing dept. can help you do the due diligence on this. However in case, if any project does go under, or gets delayed, the buyer will get compensation. 

How can Foreign Nationals profit from this Investment opportunity?                                                                     Foreign Nationals ( Not of their country Origins) on completion of the building will be issued Ownership Title units of the CondoHotel Management company instead of the Ownership Title deeds. This CondoHotel Management company will have under its wings  the same number of units in ownership as the same number of Foreign buyers. Example if 100 Foreign Buyers have reserved a condo unit, then this CondoHotel Management company will have under its ownership 100 condo units. All the benefits, rental returns etc will be exactly the same as the regular Buyers and regular property owners. This facility is given to the Foreign buyers to help simplify their investing with the East West Developments. This facility helps the Foreign Buyers to enjoy all the benefits from the property, and  makes it easy for them to sell out when they wish to do so.

Are there any legal safeguards for foreign investors in the case of non-completion or poor construction work by the developer? 

Yes, there are codes of standards applied by the respective Governments and the States regarding building permits and contractual clauses. The developer will have to maintain the standards as stipulated in the regulations issued with regards to building construction, and also safety issues.  In the event of a problem, assistance can be found from the regulatory agencies, and from the contract entered into with the developer. This may contain building covenants, which often provide a guarantee of workmanship of 10 years. There is also the Governmental civil code, which contains protection regarding building standards. 

What happens if the project is delayed or not built?
On rare occasions,, it may no longer be possible to purchase a property reserved through the company. On such occasions, the Company will pay compensation as mentioned under the property details page.
Is the investor assured of no price escalation during construction?

Yes any escalations in the price of the cost of construction or for any other reason will be borne by the developer..

Can you provide names of other investors and show your contracts with the land dept., city and state? 
The Privacy Policy of the developer prohibits revealing of the Investors names, and other sensitive, restricted and confidential information, other than what is posted on the web site. The Privacy Policy of the Developer is also on the website and can be checked online. In view of the developers privacy policy, we cannot reveal the names of our Investors, or send out any confidential information yet at this stage. The Investors have also not appreciated revealing of their names. And such type of confidential and classified information have been misused by some other parties in the past.
However, later once we get to know each other better, then  we can introduce you to our Investors, at the grand opening function of the development.
How easy is it to buy and sell property Abroad? 
Very easy, but the present system for buying and selling property is not one which is likely to be familiar to many global investors. Typically most countries that use Common Law require a lawyer to represent each party or a public official in Civil Law jurisdictions. In most other countries you can buy straight from the developer "off-plan" for little or no fees; alternatively you can buy direct from another private vendor in the secondary market, whether the property has been completed or not. Usually there is an extremely buoyant market as demand currently exceeds supply and you will be able to sell your property in the secondary market before completion or after the property has been built. However many property developers require their consent to sale and purchases, and may also charge a transfer fee of between 5% and 10%. You do not need our permission to sell or resell your ownership and we will not charge you, the seller any sale fees. The seller can  use the developer Buy-back guarantee or  join the developer's resale pool to earn quick profits. click here.
If I decided to sell before completion of the project, would that  be possible and
would I be penalized in anyway?
There is no penalty. In fact the developer under its Resale Pool will help you resell the property. 
Are there any other fees while the project is being built and what about after completion? 
Are there any issues with buying Abroad and being a foreign
Any type of tax? 
On profits there could be a  capital gains tax.
Are there any Legal costs in purchasing a property? 
No, there are no legal costs involved since your contract is direct with the developer. There are only legal costs incurred if you decide to ask a lawyer to act on your behalf. Please contact us for details if you wish to use a solicitor who specializes in international law. 
What deposit is required? 
Normally for apartments the  developer has Two payment options:  20% down and nothing to pay until completion. Or you can pay for the entire purchase price and get a  discount.
You will find exact details of payment plans on the pages detailing the individual developments. 
What are the Options on making the payments? 
The buyer may send the payment by check, cashiers check, (out of country checks are not accepted). By online Bill pay,  money order, Western Union, Bank transfers, Wiring funds, credit card, Bitcoin etc. Any means, which is convenient  and more economical to the buyer.   The  buyer may pay by credit card or use a service like Paypal for payment.  The buyer has to bear all exchange rate differences. The developer will bear credit card transaction fees as applicable.  . If using Paypal go to www.paypal.com and send payment to the developers email account.   All funds received are immediately credited to the buyers account with the developer. 
Is this a safe investment? 
Not only safe, it gives an excellent Investment opportunity, to the Investor seeking high returns of  18 - 30%.
What does the low price guarantee mean? 
Low price guarantee: When ever the developer makes a change, and if the change is an extra benefit, then under the Low price guarantee, existing buyers automatically qualify for the added benefits. If the change is like a price increase or lower benefits, then the existing buyers gets to keep the prices already committed to the buyers. This is Win Win for the existing buyers.
Will the property be Freehold? 
Most of the developments are offering freehold properties. 
Will my real estate agent or broker participation be honored?  
If you have listed your broker's name online at the time of your original registration, And your broker is registered by us and has helped in making the sale, then the broker participation will be honoured. If you did not indicate a broker at the time of initial registration, that option is no longer available. 
What if I decide to sell my (residence/hotel suite)? 
The terms of ownership of your (residence/hotel suite) are exactly the same as with any condominium, including your right to sell it, either by yourself or through the real estate agency or through the developer. It is your choice.  

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