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Real estate is a trillion $$$ market. Millions are made in Real estate.
LISTING JOB:    For agents by listing our properties, making Over $ million per year is achievable. Could work from your home through a computer, if you have high speed internet, and can put 4-6 hours of daily work on a computer.  List of some of our properties for listing: http://www.eastwestdevelopments.com/xml.aspx  Our properties are the best deal over the internet. Ownership of Hotel condos in a 5 Star Hotel is an outstanding investment, giving upto 30% rental returns. Plus the developers Buy-back option of double your investment back. These generate a lot of enquiries. Agent job is made very easy.

 Agents are very important to EWD.  They provide valuable service and support to Buyers, and help list and promote our properties. We love agents. We want you to succeed. However everyone cannot become an Agent.

Commissions:  We pay Agents big 10% as commissions. Highest in the industry. An average property sale price is about $30,000 - $150,000.  So that could mean substantial commissions for you. Our projected property sales in the next 12 months is USD$ 50 Millions. You can get commissions using any of the 4 below options:
1. New Agents: We need good new agents. Let us know if you are interested.  And we can start teaching you.
2. Experienced Agents: Experienced agents are very important to us.  Kindly send us a list of some of your existing Real estate listings. And if you can list our properties also.
3Website owners & Marketers: By placing our link on your website or in your emails etc. This link will contain your unique ID code, and each time someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you'll earn the commission. (Sample link below)
4. Professional Emailers & Marketers: By sending our email link to Real estate investors and realestate professionals. (Sample link below)

Our back office tracks placed links for one year and anytime they generate a sale, you'll earn the commission. (Sample link below)


 Double your money in Realestate. Shocking discovery by 19 year old.  

Finds a way to double her money in realestate. Now she buys realestate in many countries around the World with the Developers guarantee of 200% Buy-Back and makes big profits. This week you can get these Properties to double your money. 

Link: http://www.eastwestdevelopments.com/4jaisalmer.aspx




  1. Commissions: On doing the first sale. To be eligible for the commission, the agent must show that he has listed and promoted our properties. This rule is placed to help the Agents send enquiries. And restrict Buyers from misusing the Agent Status for their benefits.
  2. On sale, Agent get commissions on the Buyer payment sent to EWD. This is a commissions only Program. No other expenses are paid.
  3. When 2 or more agents or parties are on the same deal, then the commission will be split. EWD will pay out maximum 10% as commission.
  4. Payment:  All Commissions are paid within 30 days of the payment date.
  5. Commission payments can be made by PAYPAL Or by creditcard or by Check.. Paypal, creditcard or Bank fees will be borne by you.
  6. All payments from buyers or clients for our properties must be made in the name of EAST WEST DEVELOPMENTS only. The Agent may not accept payments directly in his name or in his company name. The agent has no authority, without written permission to enter into separate Agreements or legal commitments on behalf of the EWD directly with any client or parties.
  7. Reporting: The developer undertakes to report to the Agent the progress of each inquiry / lead supplied as it progresses.
  8. Agent realatioship: Sale of the Developer’s Real Estates, and other services by the agent, without there existing a labor relation of any type between the two parties.
  9. Promotion: For promoting and selling the developer properties and business, the Agents will have to do so at their own costs. Agent may use any marketing methods, such as Advertising, Board, Display, Booths at Property shows, Thru the Internet, Listing on Property websites, blogs, twitter, facebook, social websites, Chatting, sending emails etc. Commission earnings of over US$ One million per year are achievable. EWD can also teach the Agent to easily bring in good results. The Agent will market the properties professionally at all times and will notify EWD of any changes in advance applicable to the sale.
  10. Your Agent status may be cancelled. If they do not follow our Promotion instructions, or if they are violating any rules or regulation. You may not sell or give EWD enquiries / leads to any other party.

Agents must submit the Agent Application Form. Link: http://www.eastwestdevelopments.com/agentform.aspx

Decide. And let us know when you want to start. On approval EWD will send you the Posting details. EWD reserves the rights to reject any Agent form or application.  

For clarifications or any issues please contact info@eastwestdevelopments.com

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