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NEW YORK, USA, December 14, 2011 -- East West Developments has been selected for the 2011 Best  Award in the Real Estate Developers category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA). To see the award go to https://www.commerceaward.com/PressReleaseUsca.aspx?cc=DBC-8M63-U5UU  Award Code is: DBC-8M63-U5UU  

                             The East West Developments  Property International Group   


The East West Developments  Property International Group has a well-deserved reputation for pioneering efforts and exemplary results in the International real estate industry, gained through a commitment to the highest professional standards for more than 30 years. Since the early 1970's, we have been setting trends and precedents that are very often adopted as industry norms. Respected by our clients and competitors alike, we have grown to become one of the largest full-service Real Estate groups in the World. At East West Group of Companies & Partners, uncompromising excellence is our standard. Backed by a strong ownership, management, marketing, and sales team, we offer excellent opportunities of immense value to our discerning customers.br>
Our team comprises of over a 100 multicultural, highly skilled and experienced professionals, dedicated to providing the highest caliber of service to our clients. As seasoned negotiators, we are committed to offering property solutions that represent the best interests of our clients at all times. Over the years, we have thoughtfully and purposefully expanded our full-service menu to include Freehold Developments, Leasing & Rentals, Brokerage Services, Facilities Management, Corporate Services, Asset Services, Research and Consulting, Project Management and Valuation & Advisory services.

A commitment to professionalism, personalized customer service, and results is the key to the Groups success.

East West Developments is a group of Partners related but independent companies, including many affiliates, representatives and partnerships devoted to building, selling, managing and supporting high-quality real estate in the communities in which they operate. And include Mantri Properties, and AJ Propertiies. List of the Groups of big developers.

“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this, that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed but a thing created is loved before it exists".                   Charles Dickens

We build assets that can be passed on from generation to generation”
Great excellences found in the depths of character! And Mr.Mantri, the young-at-heart scion has built his empire on four indispensable pillars --- Quality, Technology, Innovation and People! Armed with international degrees, the astute realty developer has an ambitious vision, keen business sense and a strong commitment. If construction were dubbed as an art form, he would stake his claim to be the creator. His armory includes visualizing the projects of the future in the context of today, employing astute management skills, deploying the latest cutting-edge advanced technology, utilizing the best possible resources, personnel and winning the trust and loyalty of his customers. Obtaining the treasure of trust is the cornerstone of his strategy, and therein lies the lesson for founding the future. Born in 1961, he completed his Graduation in 1982. Mr. Mantri joined the Textile business of the family. He entered the Construction field in 1986. He has achieved several milestones in diverse fields within a short span of time. He is the Vice President --- Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI); Committee Member --- Association of NSE Members of India (ANMI); and in the Stadium Committee --- National Sports Club of India (NSCI).


Maharashtra Chapter of American Concrete Institute, Bombay Concrete Cube Competition Award at National Level


1993 - 1st Prize 1997 - 1st Prize

1994 - 2nd Prize 1998 - 2nd Prize
  1995 - 2nd Prize 1999 - 1st Prize
  1996 - 1st Prize    

ARKEY Award for Best Engineer of the year

  1993 - 1st Prize    

(Engineer trained by MIDR for Mantri Realty)

  1994 - 1st Prize    

Technical Seminar Conducted by MIDR

  Masonry & Plastering  -  1993 ISO 9001 in Construction  -  1998
  Concrete Technology  -  1994 Possession & Maintenance  -  1999
  Plumbing & Sanitation  -  1995 Importance of Consultants  -  2000
  Water-Proofing  -  1996 FICCI - Invaluable Contribution  -  2001
  Electrification in Buildings  -  1997 MCHI - Invaluable Contribution  -  2001
  Excellence Award to Mr. Sunil Mantri Eminent Builder of the Year  -  2003
  Credai Invaluable Contribution in Building Credai During  -  1994-2004
  Seminar on co-op. Soci. & stamp duty Amnesty scheme  -  2004

The Association of Real Estate Agents Provdly Oresents memento of Appreciation - 2004
  Natcon 2006 a Cruise Convention  -  2006
Advantage Maharashtra state Convention of Real Estate Developers  -  2007

Accolades all the way!


In the year 1996, Mantri Housing & Construction Ltd., became the first Indian Construction company to be awarded the coveted ISO 9001 & 14001 certification from RWTUV, Germany. This prestigious certification was conferred on the company for quality systems for building construction works, contracts and organization as promoter, builders and developers. The prestigious ICRA and CRISIL ratings were also bestowed upon the company.

         Since entering the Construction field in 1986 ,  Mantri has achieved several milestones in diverse fields within a short span of time.

  Vice President - Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI)

  Committee Member - Association of NSE Members of India (ANMI)

  The Stadium Committee - National Sports Club Of India (NSCI).

  Housing Committee of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industries (FICCI)

  New Housing Policy Committee - Govt. of Maharastra.
                  Past Projects

Pride, Mumbai

Market, Pune

 Kinara, Bapodi

Laxcon Park, Kalyan


Terrace, Shivaji Nagar

Township, Pune

 Vandan, Deccan Gymkhana>

Venture, Mumbai


East West Developments  Objectives
Registration # 0601748 
East West Developments is a multi-faceted organization involved in real estate development, project management and investment. This encompasses development of land for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes as well as contracting, project finance and mergers and acquisitions. East West Developments objective is to deliver excellence to retail customers, institutional clients and investors.

East West Developments offers investment opportunities to individual and institutional investors allowing everyone to participate in the exciting potential of the Developing countries rapidly expanding real estate markets. East West Developments and its subsidiaries offer opportunities to people that want to buy property in the future with a better rate of return.

Whether you are an individual investor, a potential Home buyer or a governmental entity with plans to build a new metropolis, East West Developments promises to exceed expectations throughout the real estate value chain.

East West Developments is in the business of developing and marketing projects. East West Developments has a land department and is positioned to handle Property Management and Real Estate funds.

 East West Developments Vision
  • To be a premier world-class property development and investment corporation offering its customers state-of-the-art value for money real estate products and investment services in Asia and around the world.

  • To maintain and nurture a trusting, fair and creative work environment, which respects transparency, new ideas, and hard work, and in which our employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the product as well as to transform ideas into viable and creative solutions.

  • To grow through diversification by leveraging off our existing strengths in with the objective to provide the best possible value to our customers who care about quality apartment's offices and commercial spaces.

  • To offer fair and reasonable profit, to finance continued long-term growth and development in quality products, and to fairly compensate owners and investors for their money and risk.
 East West Developments Mission
  • To develop and sell residential and commercial real estate with state-of-the-art living and working conditions;

  • To be associated with the best designers, engineers, architects, contractors, marketing and finance professionals;

  • To offer investment opportunities to individuals & institutional investors for a better rate of return.
Our diverse knowledge on properties Worldwide offers our clientele the opportunity to invest in one of the fastest growing markets in the world. East West Developments aims to provide the complete solution in buying property in Asia and Worldwide and to ensure the buying of property is as transparent as possible and giving our clients the highest quality of service and value for their investment.
Developer: East West Developments,  is made up of a who's who of developers who collectively have more than a century of experience in real estate development, hospitality, and gaming.
  • Harsh KK. Ambani, (President), a 35-year veteran in conceiving, building and financing multi-million dollar projects in the resort, hotel, restaurant, entertainment and amusement park industries.
  • Anthony Gonzales, (Executive Vice President of Operations),  Central Group Companies provides consulting services, development expertise and management services for hospitality projects nationwide, including hotels, resorts and entertainment centers.

  • Deepak Kumar, (Director of International Operations), has 25 years of  experience in hotel management and in planning & financing multi-million dollar projects in the resort, hotel, restaurant, entertainment and amusement park industries.

  • Sammy Sankar (Executive Vice President of Business Development), a Harvard alumnus with over 17 years of experience in national and international corporate development and strategic planning.

  • Kenny Kalra, (Dire (Director) founder and C.E.O. of Kalra & Associates, the nation's premier builder and engineering firm who during more than three decades has designed over 50 properties of international standards.
Designer: Each suite fully furnished and designed by the renowned architectural firm Vinod Mittal Design. Recognized as the creative force behind many Mumbai, New Delhi and Dubai hotspots.
Architect:  Replurbanplanners, Architects with offices in Delhi.  Rated one of the top 10 national architectural firms in Asia.
 Memberships, Associations & Affiliations:

             Member of World Estate Association.                                                 

  · National Association of Realtors   Head Quarters:    North Michigan Avenue     Chicago, IL 60611 – 4087, USA

Institute of Real Estate Management       430 North Michigan Avenue,    Chicago, IL 60611, USA

·   Coalition of Commercial Real Estate Associations                www.ccrea.org                          

·     Confederation of Indian Industries CII     Corporate Office      India Habitat Center Core 4A     Fourth Floor, Lodi Road        New Delhi – 110003, India

·        Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India    105, Ansal Bhawan  16, K.G. Marg,   New Delhi - 110001, India

 List of some of our good customers (Buyers of our properties):
In view of the Developers privacy policy, we cannot reveal the contact info of our Investors. The Investors have also not appreciated receiving unwanted calls.

·     Dr. Akhil Deshpandey,  Canada.

·      Dr. Asad Sabir, UK.

·     Badrinath Boyina, UK.

·     Bijay Nath,  Canada.

·      Brian & Marlie Osborne,  UK.

·       Dr. Hari Koka, UK.

·      Efstratios Telloglou, Greece.  

·      Gary Fitzpatrick,  UK. 

·       Ian Berry, UK.

·      Ilona Baghakashvili UK.

·      John Howlin, UK.

·      Joanna Dee, France.

·      Keng Lee So,  Singapore

·      Michael O’Hagan, UK.

·      Mohan Koka, india

·       Philip Wylie, Tyrone, Ireland.

·       Ramiz Boulos, Forrestfield, Australia.

·      William McClain, Germany


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