Arabian Crowne
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Arabian Crowne
Keeping in line with our objective of developing world class real estate offering state-of-the art facilities, we are pleased to unveil our 45 floors mix-use Arabian Crowne situated in the heart of the City of Arabia project. Arabian Crowne is located about 10 minutes drive from Emirates Tower, 10 minutes from Dubai International Airport, 20 minutes from Sharjah and 60 minutes from Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. 

The Arabian Crowne's contemporary sculptural design creates a landmark destination artfully integrating business and lifestyle opportunities. Its design embraces innovative technology and energy management systems to enhance sustainability. Sheathed with glazed glass, the façade will offer sweeping views of the City of Arabia and Dubailand, the world's biggest leisure and retail centre. The proposed monorail will add to the dynamics of development.

The Arabian Crowne offers large, spacious, superbly well appointed, one, two and three bedrooms and duplex penthouses, creating a residential area providing exclusive living and comfort to its owners. At the same time, it also offers well located and connected premium commercial office space. The tower penetrates through a four level podium to create a dynamic public domain at ground level.

 Features and Amenities  
Building comprises of a ground floor with 4 level podium, 4 level basement car parking, 31 floor residential block, and 14 floor office block.  

 Overall Features 25

  • Freehold / 99 years lease residential apartments in Dubailand. Lease automatically renewal every 99 years for same period on payment of US $1 only.
  • Luxurious finishing for the main entrance and for the main corridors.
  • Separate entrances for office and residential block.
  • Separate car parking for office & residential users and guests.
  • High quality durable finishing.
  • Large lobby and corridors to give feeling of comfort and openness.
  • Lake view for each room.
  • Monorail connectivity.
  • Connectivity to neighbourhood by 'waterway'.
  • Proximity to 'Mall of Arabia' - world's biggest mall.
  • High speed elevators.
  • Central satellite system and intercom system.
  • Garbage shouts.
  • Central Air conditioning.
  • Card Entry System.
  • CCTV and 24 hours Security System.
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System.
  • Swimming pool, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, spa, baby play area, party and meeting hall.

Arabian Crowne:
The Arabian Crowne  will be located in heart of the City of Arabia, Dubailand. It will be a five-star condo hotel, providing guests and owners with top-quality services and facilities designed to maximize occupancy and returns.

It will be 45 stories with studio, one, two and three bedroom units. It will include restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, a health club and a spa.

The reaction for both developments so far has been fantastic and look at the reasons why:

  • Managed by a 5 Star Hotel Brand, no management charges

  • 60% revenue income for the 1st 20 years (see Rental Yield ForecastDubai below)

  • Fully furnished with 5 star furnishing including Plasma TV

  • Parking Bay included (worth 100,000 AED)

  • 99 years lease with automatic extension for 1USD. When Dubai laws change this year, contract will be for full freehold.

  • Automatic residency with all purchases.

  • No Transfer fees to other buyers before completion

  • Upto 30 days personal usage per year


 Apartment Features  
  • Use of latest Intranet technology.
  • Fully Equipped kitchen.
  • Main doors are made of solid wood.
  • Ceramic floor and wall tiles for the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • High quality sanitary ware and mixers.
Deposit  After 30 Days   After 90 Days   Podium  15th Floor   30th Floor   Structure  Final Oct 2007 
10%  10%  10%  10%  10%  15% 15% 20%
2 Bedroom Apartment from AED1,550,000 (1216 sq ft)  SOLD OUT
3 Bedroom Apartment from AED 2,400,000 (2045 sq ft)

Investment Appeal
If purchased from the developer (as opposed to a resale) there is an annual 8% minimum rental guarantee or 60-40 rental split in favour of the owner, whichever is greater for the first three years. Thereafter, the rental splits will be on a 60-40 basis, but without a guarantee (this applies to both resale and direct property). Take a look at the Rental Yield Forecast below to see what this actually means in real terms

Rental Yield Forecast

As can be seen from the table below, the rental yields are very impressive. Where else would you be able to receive yields when even quoting the worst case scenario of 14% per annum!

Room Investment Purchase Room  Occupancy Total Gross Net Purchase
   Type Scenario    Price Rate Level Revenue  Return Return    Yield
2 Bedroom Best £190,145 £362 90% £119,022 £71,413 £61,789 32%
2 Bedroom Average £190,145 £290 80% £84,638 £50,783 £42,878 23%
2 Bedroom Worst £190,145 £217 70% £55,543 £33,326 £26,876 14%

** please note all information regarding rental yields are for illustration purposes only and cannot be guaranteed. The figures regarding room rates and occupancy levels are however very realistic as they are based on real figures being achieved in Dubai over the last five years.


  • Final Price is the expected value of the property at the time of completion in July 2012.

  • Room rate are the rates per night based on 5 star hotel rates in Dubai

  • Occupancy Levels are currently running to 87% the highest in the world (read our latest news article)

  • Net Return is the Gross Return minus the Total Charges (see below)

  • Purchase yield is the percentage yield based on the purchase price.

  • Final yield is the percentage yield based on the final price

Total Charges:

Room Investment Maintenance Service Utilities Total 
   Type Scenario Charges Charges   Charges
2 Bedroom Best £5,951 £2,282 £1,391 £9,624
2 Bedroom Average £4,232 £2,282 £1,391 £7,905
2 Bedroom Worst £2,777 £2,282 £1,391 £6,450


  • Maintenance is taken as 5% of the Total Revenue to be used to cover all damages that a unit maybe incurred during occupancy.

  • Service is the service charge per annum used to cover the upkeep of the hotel (communal areas, gardens etc)

  • Utilities are for electricity and water for the unit per annum.


 Finance Offer: 
We are please to announce that anyone who purchases will be guaranteed a 50% LTV developer mortgage signature loan.
The terms and conditions are as follows:-  
  1. No document or verification required.
  2. 10 year term.
  3. 7.95% fixed interest.
  4. .65% one time processing fee.
  5. Interest only during construction.
  6. Arabian Crowne and Windsor Only.
  7. 50% paid on signing no payments until completion.
  8. This only applies to new purchases, however does include anyone with an option who converts to a sale and signs a waiver.
  9. 5% early settlement fee on the outstanding balance.
This promotion will run in conjunction with any other promotion and applies to regular apartment purchase or residence apartment purchase. 
**** During this period anyone purchasing without a mortgage that pays 50% on signing will not have to make the balance of their payment until completion. 
City of Arabia is a 20 million square foot development lying at the heart of Dubailand and serves as its gateway and main residential and retail centre. With business and administrative offices, schools and clinics, supported by luxury apartments, shops, galleries, restaurants and unique attractions, the City of Arabia will become a key destination and urban community within new Dubai. 
The diversity of Dubai converges downtown at the City of Arabia where tradition meets modernity, business meets pleasure and simplicity meets sophistication.  

From the Mall of Arabia and the Restless Planet dinosaur theme park, to the 4-kilometer waterway, flowing through the Wadi Walk, the City of Arabia provides superb open-air leisure and entertainment facilities. Covered concourses, water features and a variety of cafes and restaurants provide a relaxed and congenial ambience, pulsating with pleasures appealing to senses beyond the imagination.  

City of Arabia is a dream destination with international vision offering stylish shopping, eclectic dining and captivating entertainment all served by its own monorail system to transport residents and visitors around the site.  

Planned to link with the Dubai Light Rail Project, the City of Arabia monorail will provide comfort and convenience so you can make the most of your visit. To keep your dream on track, the City of Arabia's monorail system offers convenient access to all residential areas, the Restless Planet and the Mall. 

At the heart of this unprecedented development, the City of Arabia will set the standard in urban development. Comprising four key feature developments, this vibrant community will attract tourists from around the world and will be an exclusive home to Dubai's growing population.

The I & M Galadari Group was established in 1998 and owns a number of companies in the UAE. The two brothers, Ilyas and Mustafa, are from one of the leading merchant families in the UAE and are major operators in the property, automotive, jewellery, hospitality, food storage and food retailing industries.

Now the Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group are helping to change the face of Dubai and its tourism industry by investing $1.1 billion to oversee the development and management of the City of Arabia.

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