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What do our clients have to say?

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I came to East West Developments not knowing much about buying property abroad and within a couple of weeks of dealing with East West Developments I was confident enough to make a decision to go ahead and buy a property in Nigeria and Zanzibar. They provided me with all the advice I needed in legal, finance and where was the best place to buy"
Matthew Forster, Chiropractor
I like the way East West Developments operate by going out to each country first and providing detailed information packs. They gave me photos, and first hand knowledge of the projects they were selling. This gave me confidence in who I was dealing with.
Claire Hymen, Surveyor.

The thing that attracted me to East West Developments is that they are offering new projects before many other companies out there and they don't charge a finders fee. They also provide buying packs for mortgages, legal and furniture"
Ravi Chawla, Restaurant Owner.

The guys at East West Developments provided me with all the info I asked for. They didn't chase me like many other companies and gave me the space and time I needed without the pressure. A refreshing company to deal with"
James Evans, Financial Advisor.
East West Developments guided me in the right direction and showed me the best projects to go for. I was just getting confused with all the different developments out there. They showed me the one which will make me the most money and as an investor that is what I am interested in most"
Mohamed Aslam, NRI
I didn't know which country I wanted to invest in when I first called East West Developments. They showed me a number of deals that would offer the best returns. I am now looking to buy another property from them."
Martin O'Hare, Sports Therapist.
I believe in people who 'practice what they preach' and the guys at East West Developments are all investing in the projects that they sell themselves. It gives me great confidence knowing that they only sell property that they want to invest into themselves."
Carolyn Proctor, Sales Executive
 I have been visiting India for some time and decided to start investing here.  East West Developments showed me the sights and was very helpful in explaining the potential investments to me.  I bought several properties and have been 100% satisfied with the care and attention from East West Developments. They are a professional outfit and I am now recommending them to many of my friends. "
Dinesh Kumar, NRI
I bought;with East West Developments because they seem to keep getting exclusives on all the best projects. They manage to get into a development very early so I was one of the first people to 'cherry pick' a unit."
Darren Hammond, Investment Banker
Thank you for your time last week in showing me new investment opportunities in Dubai. I thought I knew Dubai well but yet again you have opened my eyes to new and exciting developments..I am very pleased with the additions to the portfolio and again thank you.
Good Luck and see you soon.
Nicholas Canella, Accountant


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